CSM Robert Gallagher

Command Sergeant Major Robert “Bob” Gallagher was born (Bayonne) and raised (Toms River) in New Jersey.  He began his career in 1981 when he entered the Army as an infantryman at Fort Benning, Georgia.  He fought bravely, risking his life when he parachuted into Panama during Operation Just Cause in 1989 with A Company, 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment.  He served as Platoon Sergeant in B Company, 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment with Task Force Ranger in Mogadishu, Somalia in a battle where he was wounded and earned the nickname “Blackhawk Bob.”  CSM Gallagher also fought in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom with Task Force 3-15 Infantry where they fought their way to Baghdad where he was wounded again during Objective Curly but stayed in the fight to return fire while a medic removed shrapnel from his leg.
During his career, he was awarded two Purple Hearts, two Bronze Stars (one with “V” device), and a Silver Star.
CSM Gallagher’s main concern was always the well-being of his soldiers, which led to him joining the Wounded Warrior Project at Fort Belvoir, Virginia in 2009 where he was able to guide soldiers during a very difficult time in their lives.
CSM Gallagher retired from the service in 2013 and had plans of continuing to assist veterans and other military families.  Unfortunately, a year after his retirement, CSM Robert Gallagher passed away of natural causes in October 2014.
The CSM Robert Gallagher Charitable Foundation was established in 2018 with the purpose of furthering the benevolent ideologies and leadership espoused by CSM Gallagher.  The Foundation does this through fundraising and charitable giving, financial and other aid to programs that benefit and support those veterans (and their families) who made sacrifices in the defense of our Country.